AJ Wears :: An embellished jacket

Today is an ode to the deal. Everyone loves a deal, right? I recently started using Bib+Tuck after they reached out to me and gave me some bucks to spend, and I'm happy to report that this is an app and website to which I'm now slightly addicted. It takes the sifting out of thrifting because I seriously want almost every single thing on the website I see. Today's outfit has not one, but TWO Bib+Tuck finds!

So here's the skinny. Bib+Tuck is choosy about what they allow users to list, so it's only the good stuff. And it's currently more of a barter system - you sell your stuff (they call it bib) for their bucks, which you use to buy other people's stuff (and that's tuck!). They'll also let you add bucks to your account from PayPal or you bank if you're too impatient to wait for your items to sell, but this has been the perfect way to sell a few things I'm over and pick up new items while I'm not shopping. I've already listed several of my items, and sold one, which I turned into a new dress, sunglasses, and top! The selling process is easy, once someone "tucks" one of your items, Bib+Tuck sends a pre-paid shipping label, you slap that on a box and send it on its way.

Shipping is quick when you buy, too. Both items I've ordered arrived quickly (in about two days) once they'd been shipped. The only downside is since you're relying on a person to send what you ordered instead of a company, it might take longer for them to get to the post office. Don't worry, if it takes more than 10 days for them to ship an item, you can request a cancellation and find something else.

The end of the story is, every time I sell an item and get more bucks to shop with, I get a little more addicted and I walk into my closet and look for more things to Bib. It's a nice way to purge a few things that I'm kind of over and use that money to go towards bigger, better things! Anyone else Bibbing and Tucking out there?

Jacket, Tibi c/o Bib+Tuck.
Shirt, Blu Pepper (similar from LOFT).
Jeans, Hudson (exact).
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.
Bag, Alexander Wang (exact).
Sunglasses, Karen Walker (thrifted from B+T - exact, similar for less).