AJ Wears :: A Printed Skirt

The Peter Pilotto for Target line had all SORTS of things going on, didn't it? Being a person generally attracted to shiny objects and bright colors, I was drawn to the collection but wasn't really sure I NEEDED anything. Plus, I was on a mini-holiday that weekend and definitely wouldn't make it to Target in time to secure the perfect piece. But I did have my eye on this skirt - unique shape, awesome pattern, extreme wear-ability. So when I wandered into Target on the Wednesday after the release and discovered they still had ONE left in my size? Fate. I also picked up dog food and febreze, in case you were wondering. Oh, Tarjay.


My rule of Target collabs is pretty simple; don't get caught up in the drama and madness and think you have to buy EVERYSINGLETHING or else it'll be gone forever. I usually pick one hero piece I want and go with that. It's the easiest way to keep yourself from going overboard. Plus, if you really miss out on that one "unicorn" item, chances are someone will list it on ebay a few years from now when they're sick of it.

Also - I had a photo shoot with The Promenade this morning and Belle & Blush did my hair and make up for the shoot, so I couldn't let that go to waste! They did an amazing job and I can't wait to share the photos with you. I'm off to meet BB for some dinner where he will no doubt ask me what's wrong with my face, because I never wear this much eye makeup. I wish I'd gotten a better photo of my eyes for you, but my camera insisted on taking photos of the stop sign behind me instead. So, I photoshop'd it out of the photos, because NOBODY upstages me. Not even an inanimate object.

Skirt, Peter Pilotto for Target (exact).
Blazer, The Limited (exact).
Shoes, Joss by JustFab.