Jetsetting :: Travel Essentials

On Friday, I leave for JAPAN! We're spending two weeks in Tokyo and surrounding areas for the holidays and I could not be more excited. As I've been planning, packing, re-packing, and pulling everything together for my trip, I decided to create a collection of some of the essentials I like to pack for a long trip from Shopbop.

The two things I spent hours and hours researching, buying and returning for my travels are a great small bag and a comfy pair of flat booties. I love a flat bootie for travel because they look good with skirts, leggings, and jeans - and they're better than just flats because you can layer up on socks for comfort and warmth. As for the bag, I needed something small enough to carry all day but large enough for all of my travel documents, sunglasses, advil, wipes, get the picture.

cross body bags | flat boots 

This is kind of a no-brainer, but leggings and scarves are essential for travel comfort. I like a pair of leggings with something a little extra, so I picked this pair with zippers. As for the scarf, if it's large enough it can double as a blanket, poncho, or hood. Scarves are great for adding a little color to otherwise basic outfits.

scarves | leggings

I also stocked up on travel essentials for this trip - a cute passport cover so it's easy to find and looks good in instagram photos, a printed neck pillow to help me sleep on that 13 hour flight, and travel bags to organize my suitcase. These type of bags have been seriously great for my travels! I usually put pants/jackets in one, tops in one, and intimates in one. It makes it easy to find everything in my bag and makes the whole suitcase lovely and organized. Shopbop has some adorable travel items - shop all travel here!

This post is a collaboration with, but they let me feature whatever I like. I only pick items I love, want, own, or would buy.