AJ Wears :: A Giant Plaid Scarf

I tried, I really did. I tried to buy any scarf other than this scarf. But it's just SO GOOD, you guys. I have a very long flight coming up at the end of this year (like...13 hours long) and I was so romanced by the idea that I could wear a scarf to the airport and then actually use it as a blanket on the plane. I did that today in my office, actually. I used it as a blanket AND a poncho, because my office is pretty much an ice box. And now that I know the love that is the blanket scarf, I'm browsing the rest of ASOS scarves in this ridiculous size. All of my other scarves look so puny in comparison.

ANYWAY...I didn't want to subject my friend and lunch buddy Amy to the freezing elements this afternoon, so instead we took a few photos after lunch at The Capital Hotel next to their gorgeous Christmas tree. Now I'm imagining this scarf as a Christmas tree skirt, because it looks that darn good with the tree. I've gone insane. Next thing you know, I'll be trying to fashion it into a dress or something.

Scarf, ASOS (exact, save it b/c it comes back in stock a lot. Impatient? Here's a similar).
Sweater, The Limited (similar at Dillard's).
Jeans, Treasure & Bond (exact at Nordstrom. Love these).
Heels, Miu Miu (similar).
Bag, Alexander Wang.