Target Weddings :: His & Hers Holidays

It's no secret that agreeing to share your life with someone else requires a lot of blending. From the simple  stuff like learning your spouse's favorite Thanksgiving dish to the really complicated things, like deciding which family to spend what holiday with. The holidays each year have been a lesson in blending for my husband and I. I learned that he wants the traditional turkey Thanksgiving NO MATTER WHAT and he learned that I'd rather slave away on an entire meal made from scratch than take the easy route and make things out of boxes. We don't understand each other at all.

So the one tradition we started was the blending of the playlists. We set up a joint Spotify playlist and both added some of our favorite tunes to the mix so everyone at the dinner table would be happy. I added a little Montell Jordan because it reminds me of our wedding, he added some Jimmy Buffett for his Parrothead parents. We may not agree on everything, but we both love a good playlist, which is why I chose this SONOS PLAY: 5 Wireless HiFi System as my Target Wedding Registry Link pick this month.

The fact is, your music is only as good as the speaker it's coming out of, and we love that this one lets you stream from Pandora, Spotify, and Napster (which apparently is still a thing, albeit not as free as it once was). Now is the time to start getting your holiday party playlists together, so you might as well ask for a little something to upgrade your sound experience.

And what would be a great playlist without a little party ware to go with it? If you're looking to blend a little further during the holiday season, I always have great bar additions you can add to your registry. BB never drank much wine before me, and I wasn't that into craft beer before him. Now we happily indulge in both. These are two of our favorite gadgets we added to our registry - we probably pull the glasses out at least once a week!

What are some of the ways you've blended (or plan on blending) your home? PS - Target has so graciously offered up a $25 gift card to one of you guys, so enter below and I'll pick a winner this week.

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