AJ Wears :: A Cropped Sweater

My husband got me a gift card to The Limited for our anniversary in September. I made good use of it and bought a couple of blouses and a pair of grey tweed pants.

...That sat in the bag on my dresser for over a month.

It's not that they weren't cute pants. They really were! But I never wore them, and I felt like they were maybe a little too wide for my height, and I knew I'd wear something else more. So I dropped by the mall Saturday to finally exchange them for something I WOULD wear. And there it was. Black, cropped, perfectly practical but a little bit fun. I know, I know, I've got to stop with the black. But I knew I'd wear a black sweater, cropped or not, a heck of a lot more than I'd ever wear those tweed pants.

Sweater, The Limited (exact).
Blouse, Theory via Clean Up Closet (don't follow so I can keep getting the best stuff. Here's a similar).
Jeans, Gap (this year's version).
Boots, JustFab (similar from Mia).
Bag, Alexander Wang.
Earrings, c/o RocksBox.