AJ Wears :: A Tweed Skirt

I could tell you a lot of stories about today's outfit. About how I was feeling a little Clueless when I put it all together, and the girls I went to happy hour with were feeling Britney Spears and Cruel Intentions with it. I could talk about how the top button wouldn't stay closed so I used some double stick tape from the art department to make it lay flat. And I could mention that it was the coldest day of the week by far, and somehow I missed out on wearing a real jacket. But all you really need to know is, I really loved wearing this look.

...And that I stayed at happy hour for so long that the sun went down and we had to take these under a street lamp. Also, the special sauce on the sliders at Big Whiskey's is mustard. Ew.


Jacket, The Limited (Love this jacket - It's back online! Exact).
Shirt, The Limited (This year's version).
Skirt, Alice + Olivia (exact).
Boots, ShoeDazzle (almost exact from Wet Seal).
Bag, Barbara Bui (similar from Chicnova).