30x6 :: Navy Blazer + Plaid Pants

Well, grab your bikinis, because the temperature has more than DOUBLED overnight. At a balmy 36 degrees today, I almost didn't even need a coat. ALMOST. I did wear one during my afternoon jaunts about town, but even though outerwear doesn't count in the 30x30, I wanted to show a complete outfit without it.


One of the things about 30x30 that can be frustrating is unforeseen circumstances. I didn't include enough sweaters in my mix for this kind of weather - I can already tell - and one of the ones I did include in my 30 was ordered a while ago and still hasn't even shown up. So the lesson here is, look at the forecast before you choose. I had a hard time getting dressed this morning and not wearing the same thing I've worn the past few days, but this jacket held up surprisingly well against the elements and corduroy + tall socks underneath kept me toasty enough that I wasn't complaining. Besides, we're almost up to 40 today? It's practically summer now anyway.

Jacket, H&M (exact).
Top, Forever 21 (similar from XXI).
Pants, JC Penney (similar from XXI).
Boots, Sole Society (similar from Nine West).
Bag, JustFab (I love it, but now seriously considering the real thing).