30x5 :: Printed Dress + Turtleneck

Remember how yesterday I was all like, "I'M NEVER GOING OUTSIDE AGAIN!" Well, thanks to having to go to the radio station, and return a box to UPS, and pick up a prescription, and not having a few ingredients for dinner, I broke that promise. And because I was venturing out into sub-arctic temperatures (IS THIS WHAT CANADA FEELS LIKE????), I even took a few shots of my outfit for you. Very close to my front door. Very quickly. So I could run inside immediately.


No worries, I wore a coat most of the day while I was running errands. And a scarf. But no gloves, because I don't have any. Santa is either ignoring me or he's got some 'splainin to do.


Hat, Derp, no idea (almost exact from Kohl's).
Dress, Target (exact).
Sweater, The Limited (this year's version, on sale!).
Coat, The LImited (similar from DKNY, Kenneth Cole.
Boots, JustFab Luxe.