30x25 :: Sparkly sweater + Black pants

Today's blog blurb is all about learning things. For instance, I learned when the wind chill is hovering around 16, you need socks or your feet will freeze. I always wondered why people got so offended by ballet flats in the cold. After standing outside for less than 10 minutes in it, I TOTALLY GET IT NOW.

Please kindly ignore the dry cleaning tag in my coat. At least it's clean. I learned that it's too hard to photoshop out of photos for me to care.

And finally, I learned something new about my camera. To anyone out there shooting with a Nikon D3100 and the 1.8f prime lens, if you've been having issues with focus and clarity...you aren't alone. I've been noticing it a lot lately, thinking perhaps I just dropped my camera too many times (last week the wind blew my tripod over...blogging is hard, y'all). However, before investing in repairs or worse, a new camera all together, I did some googling and discovered that the lens and camera body just don't play nicely with each other on auto focus...unless you're in live view. Apparently, that makes all the difference. I'm hoping I'm more in focus now. But not SO focused that you're counting my pores. That would be unnecessary.


Coat, The Limited (Similar from DKNY, on sale).
Sweater, The Limited (similar, half price).
Top, MICHAEL Michael Kors.
Pants, Chico's (94% sure these are the right ones).
Flats, Elorie via Gilt (similar from Nordstrom).
Bag, Coach.