30x30 :: The Wrap Up

I have so many thoughts I've been compiling about my second go at 30x30. In my first attempt, it was summer and while I learned a lot, I also swore I'd never do another one. Then I lost my brains and decided it would be so much easier the second time around. While I was right in a lot of ways, I also came to a few realizations about my wardrobe.

This month's 30x30 was essentially my experiment with the "uniform" concept - I created a small capsule wardrobe where almost everything could be worn with everything. The colors were fairly muted and safe, and I stuck with similar silhouettes overall. So what happened, ultimately, is that I STILL got bored. Why is that?

I had a difficult time coming up with new outfits last time I did the 30x30, while this time I felt my pieces offered me plenty of variations. But I boxed myself into some boring looks by not providing enough variety to my 30 pieces. Two grey sweaters seemed like a safe option at the time, but toward the end of my journey I was wishing for something in pink or green or anything else. There was SO much black and white, which I generally love as a base...but most of my favorite all-time outfits are black and white with a little color.

So here's a recap of the 30 outfits I made with only 30 pieces this month.


So what did I learn? After wishfully thinking the uniform concept might be the answer to an over-stuffed wardrobe and discontentment with my clothes, I've discovered that it's not for me. I crave far too much variety in my wardrobe to stick to a seasonal capsule wardrobe. I DO however subscribe to the theory that certain shapes and colors just work for a person, and I'm going to explore that theory further. While I might not be converting my wardrobe into a minimalist uniform any time soon, I'm going to concentrate on the pieces that I love the most and think about the why. I love skirts with a fitted waist and a flared bottom. I love anything with leather on it. I like straight ankle pants and stripes. I love a-line dresses, peplums, and flowy silk tops. I'm a big jacket person! By recognizing these small consistencies I have in my dressing process, I can continue to buy items that I love and want to wear every day - therefore, creating a wardrobe full of "Can't Wait to Wear" (instead of nothing to wear).

I also kept track of the numbers during this experiment to see which pieces were my most-worn - and which could have been left out of the mix. My white sleeveless blouse topped the list at FIVE wears total. Y'all already knew it was a favorite, as I pack it on almost every trip I go on, winter or summer. The more I can analyze pieces like that one and figure out why they're a favorite (fit? fabric? brand? remixability?), the more I can apply those theories to future purchases.

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I'm still on a journey to define my style and figure out the "formula" for dressing (the math/science portion of my brain believes it truly exists!), so I plan on sharing my NEXT step in the exploration with you in the next couple of days. I'm about ready for another closet purge and I have a pretty defined goal for 2014 with my shopping budget on what I want to do with my closet. This 30x30 remix made me realize that I do play favorites in my wardrobe - I crave variety in dressing - but I also love a certain consistency in general. Armed with this information, I can continue to build and refine my wardrobe.