30x30 Part 2 :: The Pieces

Happy New Year! I hope everyone rang in the new year in style. Here's to a year full of happiness, great shopping, and good health. I'm not one for resolutions (I've already broken at least a dozen and it's only the 1st) but I'm still working on my closet and getting my wardrobe in order this year.

As part of that goal, I'm starting off my 2014 with a 30 for 30 remix challenge! If you're unfamiliar, here's the gist - you pick 30 items of clothing from your closet, and that's all you wear for 30 days. The last time I completed this challenge was in warmer weather, so I'm excited to try it with layers! It should be a little easier to get lots of different combinations.


These are the pieces I'm planning on remixing this month (although not are all exact - this is more of a representation). I decided to forgo shoes this time, because frankly, they're my favorite thing ever. I was really held back by limiting my shoe choices so I chose to only remix clothing this time around.

The other motivation behind this challenge is my continued interest in capsule wardrobes, so this should be a great exercise in learning to build one.

So! The challenge officially kicks off later today, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. If you're thinking about doing it, now is the time! A few reasons you should consider doing a 30x30:

1. It changed the way I shop! I learned how to look for pieces that were highly remixable and I now spend less on impulse buys that don't work out.
2. It helps you learn to "shop your closet". I got a little stir crazy toward the end, looking wistfully at my closet full of clothes I couldn't wear. But when the urge to give up hit, I just had to get creative with what I had.
3. Do you love my packing posts? Guess what. My first 30x30 helped me learn how to do that. You'll be building little mini capsule wardrobes in no time.

Let me know if you decide to join in! And get ready for 30 days of seeing the exact same clothes.