AJ Wears :: A Cropped Sweater

Okay, even just the SOUND of "cropped sweater" should make you cringe a little. Like, it's supposed to keep you warm but your belly is showing? What sort of logic IS that? But when I saw this one at Express last week (when I was supposed to be Christmas shopping but hey! 50% off!) I was drawn to it. The beacon of light opened up over its hanger and I grabbed it without even trying it on. And lo, I heard a voice, "AJ. BUY ME NOW." Who am I to argue with the clothing gods? They also wanted me to buy yesterday's leather leggings. Go figure.


And so, I donned my most festive heels and went to buy dog food so my pug wouldn't starve this week.

Merry Christmas Eve, err'body! I hope you get to go to Chili's then open presents like I do tonight!

Sweater, Express (exact).
Pants, Forever 21.
Shirt, The Limited.
Shoes, JustFab.