DIY Wedding Gifts with Target

I got married last year, and I have to admit - registering is half of the fun! But some of the greatest gifts we received had a little personal touch to them. So I wanted to share one of my favorites with you today, with the world's easiest DIY.


We received this adorable ornament from our friends A+H and couldn't wait to put it on our tree! They used our wedding invitation to make the perfect wedding keepsake. This would be a great little extra something to add to your gift no matter what time of year it is.


First up - head to Target and grab some clear glass ornaments. You could do this with any size. As for other materials, they're pretty simple.


Make sure you write down the information ON the invitation before you shred it. That could be awkward if you have to explain why you have no idea where or when the wedding is. After you've done that, cut out the most important parts of the invitation first - the date, the location, the names, etc. You'll want these in tact so you can showcase them. Then cut the rest into small strips and use the scissors to curl the pieces.

Next, you'll be placing them in the ornament. Save the pieces you cut with information on them for the outer edges so they can be seen - in ours, you can see both of our names, the date and location, and a few other lines. You might need a small wooden dowel to move these pieces around to where you want them.


Finally, tie a small ribbon around the top for decoration and you're done! You could also add glitter or some shiny tinsel if you're feeling festive!

This little ornament will be the star of the party - but if you want to add a little something extra, I have a few suggestions from our Target registry that we really loved.


1. Kitchen Aid Mixer - The holy grail of wedding gifts for anyone who cooks or bakes!
2. Cheese Board - We're big fans of a little wine and cheese, and this cute little board and knife set is the perfect excuse to have a fancy party any night of the week.
3. Board Games - Speaking of parties, some of our friends helped us start a great game collection! Games like Apples to Apples, Scattergories, and Taboo make great gifts (and a perfect excuse to invite yourself over).
4. Towels - Can't go wrong with something practical. We love having enough sets to host a camp (or all of our relatives for the holidays).
5. Drinkware - Finally, our go-to is usually some sort of barware. It's a perfect time to help your friends start a good cocktail glass collection, that way they'll have plenty when you come over for cheese and game night.

What are some of your favorite wedding registry gifts to give (or receive)?

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