Friday Favorites Remix :: Black Tights

OKAY, okay, I hear you. Passing on the black tights is like, a total cop out. Here's what happened. I wanted to pass on the red vest! I did! But that didn't work with my plans and so here we go. I passed on tights. Consider it a reset for the week! 


Also, this getting dark at 5 is a total bummer. These photos were taken around 5:15 and man, I almost didn't make it. Daylight savings, suck it.  Here's how I wore these tights yesterday - big stretch - also! We're still linking up Friday Favorites below, but if you also did Take One, Pass it on, make sure you link up with Sarah too!

Skirt, XXI (exact, similar). Top, The Limited (similar). Sweater, XXI (similar). Boots, JustFab