AJ Wears :: A frumpy sweater

I'd be lying if I said today's get up was one of my better ones. But thanks to a snotty sickness of sorts, all I wanted to do was crawl into something slouchy and soft.  My rule of sick days is similar to rainy days - wear something that makes you feel better. But, if wearing something ridiculously comfortable is what makes you feel better, then definitely, wear that.


You might be wondering why I'm even out of bed. Good question. Even if I called in to my 9-5, I'd still have to haul myself out of the house to go do my radio show, so I humored myself by putting on some pants and dragging myself across town. What's funny is, after I got back home I admitted that maybe pants were a bit ambitious and slapped on some leggings. This is what my "evening" wear consisted of for a rowdy night of mattress shopping. 


But why even blog at all? Well, the thing is, a lot of days my outfits go through transitions. I might start the day in one thing, get out and about and realize it's not comfortable or convenient for my day. So the outfit transitions into something similar, but different. Today's outfit was a good example of that, even though it might not be the best example of fashion. Who cares if this sweater is flattering? It's cozy, dang it!

Sweater, Victoria's Secret (similar from VS). 
Leopard Jeans, JustFab.
Taupe Booties, JustFab.
Leopard Flats, Target (exact).
Scarf, Forever 21 (similar from F21).