Video :: DIY Fashion Blogger Costume

IT'S ALMOST HALLOWEEN, WITCHES! It's the most wonderful time of year. I love dreaming up new costumes and wearing wigs and Halloween candy and pumpkins and basically everything about October. Since the holiday is officially two weeks away, I thought I'd put together a sweet little tutorial on what I suspect is going to be the hottest costume of the season.

No doubt after watching that video you're all like, "But AJ! All I have is normal people clothes!! Where will I find such outlandish things for my costume??" Fear not, noob. That's the whole joy of being a blogger! You get to take seemingly normal clothes and make them look like a total mess. Here's what all you'll need to pull off this look for Halloween...have fun ;) 

DIY blogger thumb.jpg

Bag by Goochi. Fur vest by Zara. Snark, fresh off the snark tree. Yes, this is a joke video.