Are you constantly struggling with a closet full of "Nothing to Wear"? As a self-professed shopaholic and clothing/shoes hoarder, I've decided to take action with my closet and build a wardrobe that I can not only be proud of, but love to wear. These posts are my journey to learn my style, clean out my closet, and build a wardrobe from scratch to take me into my sophisticated, fabulous 30s.

Step One :: The Inventory

Taking inventory of your closet can not only show you how much you have, but how much you aren't wearing. Seeing your closet in numbers is the perfect way to scare yourself into trashing old things.

Step Two :: The Purge

Now that you know how MUCH you need to get rid of, you can begin to say goodbye to the things you need to.

Step Three :: Letting Go

Take a walk through memory lane. Aw, remember when you were size 2? Great. Now get rid of all of it. You are not the person you were 10 years ago any more - so stop holding on to the size you were too.

Step Four :: Update your Inventory: Pt1, Pt2

Look at how much progress you've made! Hurray!

Step Five :: Organize

Now, for the fun part. Do something with all of that free space! Here's how I organize my things.

Step Six :: Define your style

This is an on-going process for me right now, but so far I've tried The Uniform concept and the Five-Piece French Wardrobe concept.

Step Seven :: Start with the Basics

Building a wardrobe from the basics up will establish a clean palate for you to play with.

Step Eight :: Add some Personality

Once you've got your basics covered, add some fun into your outfits with "sizzle" pieces.