Things I Wore :: October 2018

My ultimate goal is to catch up on these enough that I can start doing them weekly. HA HA

October was a weather-y month. We had a lot of rain, some warm weather, and we finally got cool enough to pull out boots and sweaters! To say I am thrilled is a bit of an understatement. I pulled out a few favorites this month, copied some old outfits, and wore the heckin’ heck out of my Joie booties. MVP of the month for SURE. Here we go:


10/1: New contacts day, so I’m letting my eyeballs breathe. Honestly surprised I did this on Day 1. Express sweater and some Dillard’s private label flats that TORE UP my feet.

10/2: I have no idea what is going on here. It was a Tuesday so I must have worked from home here, but had to run errands. This is why people hate athleisure.

10/3: Clean hair and redemption for yesterday’s crimes. Trina Turk skirt, cute top I picked up from Trunk Club. Not pictured: A really cute cardigan I did not need because it’s still hot. We decided to return to our Cache happy hour tradition this month and this was a great idea.


10/4: Busy day of voice over work. I finally got my shoes back from the cobbler so I am wearing the heck outta them this week.

10/5: It is hot and I cannot be bothered anymore. This is technically shorts and a top (from Belk) so it just LOOKS like a romper. Shoes by Aquazurra that co-worker Abby almost stole off of my feet.

10/6: Mall / Apple Store / Beer fest kind of outfit. Weekend appropriate for sure. These shorts from H&M are AWESOME FYI - a little bootilicious but I love a high waist.

10/7 (not pictured): Just wore lounge clothes today - we heard some people cheering outside and decided to go down and see what football team they were cheering for. Oddly enough, it was the Browns and the Browns Fans of Little Rock have a standing appointment at Dugan’s to watch them all season. Their vigor has made me a browns fan now.

10/8: Oh look, it’s that shirt from Express I picked up at the mall on Saturday.


10/9: Not found, must’ve worked from home again

10/10: This dress still going strong! I love it! The weather was amazing so I met up with some friends on the Cache patio and soaked it up. My friend Candice has this dress too.

10/11: Concert outfit! I finally got to pull out these ridiculous Stuart Weitzman boots I bought on mega sale for the Thomas Rhett concert. I gotta tell you, I don’t know that I’ve ever received more compliments on a pair of shoes in one day, EVER. They’re sparkly. I love them.

10/12: Too much fun at the concert, so I went comfy for that Friday at work. The weather has cooled off beautiful and we’re off to the Arkansas State Fair this evening! I had the hot beef sundae, and this dress is from Old Navy.


10/13: And here’s where the rain kicks in. Y’all, it rained so much this day. The Razorbacks play in Little Rock once a year and it’s one of my favorite LR traditions, but this weather made it absolutely miserable. Thank goodness for friends with a giant tent. We skipped out on going to the game in favor of watching the game at our condo and eating brownie sundaes. This Zara rain jacket has been an absolute lifesaver on rainy days!

10/14: Brunch at EJ’s followed by Jersey Boys at the Robinson Music Hall. Old Navy dress strikes again but this time it’s cold enough for tights. After that, we hit up Lost Forty for a concert for Clarke Tucker (who absolutely should have won, keep voting blue y’all).

10/15: You may have caught on by now that my hair is still in french braids. Get over it, it’s been raining non-stop for days and this is the only way I can keep my hair in check. It’s cold and I didn’t feel like wearing anything today, so I’m wearing a giant blanket from the Loft.

10/16: What’s this, clothes on a Tuesday? You caught me (still trash hair though). I had a committee meeting at Heifer so I had to pull myself together. When my friend picked me up (at my house) to drive over there, she was like, “Do you have a hot date after this?” Nope. Just an over-achiever (except the hair, again, I don’t care).

10/17: FEELING this gorgeous dress I picked up from Trunk Club last year (I think it’s Treasure & Bond?). Another gorgeous afternoon so we happy hour at Cache. Also yes, I finally washed my hair. Judge away.

10/18: Feeling de ja vu? That’s because I wore this exact same outfit exactly one year ago. I saw it on Timehop and decided it was a great choice for the day. JustFab has restocked this cardigan and I was excited to pull out the ole 5050 boots for the first time this year.

10/19: Casual vibe for work. I later changed into a lace shirt for a dance party and Italian food.


10/20: Happy Pride, Arkansas! It was a little too warm for this cardigan in the sun, but perfect on the shady patio where we decided to watch the festivities.

10/21: Gorgeous cool day, so we biked around downtown and did the regular Sunday Bike2Brews tour. It was also Pokemon Go community day, so I caught a bunch of pokemon. Oh look, it’s those boots again.

10/22: Work stuff - Cute skirt from JCrew Factory and a cropped sweater from The Limited. I love this outfit even though it’s super simple.


10/23: SheIn is now actively stalking me on Facebook and Instagram. I had to have this sweater, even though the pearls click on my desk when I try to type. And look, more emerald. I have never been more predictable.

10/24: Another SheIn target but I LOVE this set. It’s so fun, I feel like a fancy pinata. I had to look extra cute today because I was taking headshots for the radio station. Then we did our normal Cache happy hour which was way more embarrassing this time because I had a giant run in my tights.

10/25: It’s raining. I wore a sweater from Asos.

10/26: Conference Day! I attended the Made by Few conference (for makers of the web!) instead of going to work so I had to make sure I was comfy cute for that.


10/27: Day 2 of MxF and my Nordstrom order from Atlantic Pacific x Halogen arrived just in time. This sweater is SO soft and cute!

10/28: There’s an Air Show at the Jacksonville Airforce Base and Mr AJ got us into the chalets, so of COURSE we were going to that (I love a VIP perk). It was actually 70, sunny and gorgeous so I didn’t even need a jacket. The Thunderbirds were really cool! Also peep appearance #4 of these Joie booties. I need to get them in black, yo. They’re so comfy, so cute.

10/30: Halloween Eve, peeps! I wore my favorite spooky sweater to work, and then we hit up a Halloween alley party downtown before getting food at Stickyz. I need to stock up on some more spooky stuff while it’s on sale, I love it.

10/31: Halloween party at work and IM A BASIC, DUH. Two days in a row with the peace sign, woof. I wore these ears every chance I got this month because they’re from the official Disney World store and I spent too much money on them, tbh. Especially since they’re halloween themed and I’ll only be able to wear them once a year. But I love them and that’s all that matters. We hit up some Scary-oke because it rained all night and Mr AJ won $100! Not for singing. For being born in the same year as the bill. Either way - boom.

Things I Wore :: September 2018

Now that October is basically over, what better time to recap everything I wore in September?

It was a rough month, weather-wise. It was hot and I get cranky when it’s hot this close to fall, so my parade of cheap SheIn tops continued for the first half of the month. I also made a pretty large Old Navy order with some transitional dresses. I’ve slowly been getting back into dresses. Why did I ever stop?


9/1: Birthday party for my dear friend Sandra + a little touch of Razorback flair.

9/2: Sunday Funday bike ride to Diamond Bear for beer and pretzels. This skort ended up working fairly well for biking! I wanted to look cute but not chafe my thighs, so I loaded up on Lush Rump too.

9/3: Labor Day. I guess we went to the pool or something because I did not log an outfit that day.

9/4: SheIn is mostly hit or miss but I LOVE this top. Super easy to throw on and go while still looking put together.


9/5: No idea what I wore to work today (maybe I worked from home?) but we had tickets to go watch the Arkansas Travelers play and I decided to show my love for Otey the Swamp Possum, one of the most horrifying team mascots ever to exist.

9/6: I let Alexa decide what top to wear with these overalls and she picked this one from SheIn.

9/7: It actually cooled off thanks to some rain. This wrap sweater from Leith is so soft and comfy, and I’m really into green this season.

9/8: Went to my friend Maegan’s house (check out her blog Southern Blondie) to watch Arkansas lose football. It rained all night. Actually, these rubber Chelsea boots from JustFab got a LOT of wear this month.


9/9: Since it rained its face off the day before, the Main Street Food Truck Festival was moved to Sunday. The rain did make it a little cooler (70s! Hurrah!) so I could wear pants! I had some tacos and then we went and sat on the patio at Live Life Chill.

9/10-11: Did I not go to work on Monday? Why is there no photo? Tuesday was crazy with freelance stuff so I’m assuming I wore leggings all day.

9/12: There’s that cute dress from ShoeDazzle again, and this comfy little jacket from Old Navy (this year’s version is sueded!). We were hosting a fundraiser for a local candidate so I dressed up a little and drank wine for democracy.

9/13: A dramatic SheIn top for work, followed by a birthday dinner for my friend Amy at Cantina Cinco de Mayo. It’s our favorite cheap Mexican place and I’m thrilled they moved in downtown.


9/14-17: Wedding in Cincinnati. I didn’t really keep track of my outfits except for what I wore to the wedding, this gorgeous maxi from Luv Boutique and a fun crop from Everlane with a dramatic back. I may do a short blog on what we did in Cincinnati (mostly beer tourism).


9/18: My Old Navy packages are starting to roll in (four in all for one order, get it together guys) so I have some cute new stuff to wear! It’s cool enough for a dress with sleeves but I need to keep my legs out. This dress is a new favorite.

9/19: Work and getting my roots done! It’s hard to tell but this dress is a deep green. This was pre-hair.

9/20: I had a committee meeting at Heifer International at lunch today, which I like to dress nice for. Plus fresh hair, duh. Another comfy-but-cute Old Navy dress! They’re killing it at basics right now.


9/21: A weird SheIn top with some shorty shorts since it’s super hot again. My dad was in a show so we drove home to Texas after work.

9/22-23: No photos because I’m in Texas but I basically just wore all of my Old Navy dresses and it rained all weekend. But the show was great! And I got all of my favorite foods!

9/24: This dress is the comfiest thing I own. It’s soft and slouchy and I bought it in both gray and red.

9/25: The heat is back. I had lunch with Maegan today and ran all over town for errands and work.

9/27: Guess I worked from home on Wednesday? The weather roller coasters once again and I finally get to wear my new Spanx leggings. I love them so much, I replaced my old ones this year during the NSale (and picked up the Moto ones!).


9/28 (day): A super cute SheIn top for work. I’ve been waiting for it to cool off so I could wear it!

9/28 (night): We won a silent auction recently for dinner at the 1836 Club, a membership only restaurant and club. It’s in this gorgeous old house I’ve always wanted to go in, and we got to spend the evening with some dear friends drinking great wine and trying some amazing food. I opted for this dramatic cape jumpsuit c/o SheIn, which made me feel like a sexy witch.

9/29: And it’s hot again. We did it ALL on this Saturday. Pizza and college football watching at Gusano’s, Oktoberfest at Rebel Kettle, a little patio time at Copper Grill, followed by dinner with friends at Ira’s Restaurant, a new place downtown that is absolutely amazing.

9/30: Sunday Funday has become a staple in our house, and I decided to dress comfy for it today in Gap leggings. We rode our bikes to the State Capitol and I grabbed some Pokemon, then we did a little patio hopping from Vino’s to Bark Bar to Brewski’s for wings and football. It was a PERFECT patio day and I love our bike riding Sundays.

So, that’s what I wore in September! October - coming soon.

Jetsetting :: California Wine Country

A random fun fact about me: I love wine.


A few years ago, Mr. AJ and I took a bus day tour to wine country while we were on a trip to San Francisco and swore we’d go back some day for the real deal. This year, we finally made it. We did four days in the Sonoma area, four days in the Napa area with two dear friends and it was honestly one of the most relaxing trips I have ever been on! Here’s a run-down on what we did, our favorite wineries, and general tips for when you’re planning a trip to wine country.

To Drink: Wineries


Del Dotto Vineyards is my #1 must-go, must-do winery. A sommelier guides you through their dimly-lit wine cave and uses a “wine thief” to draw wine directly from the barrels. Be smarter than me and don’t wear white jeans (although we made it out without incident). There’s classical music echoing throughout the cave and groups are limited to 8, so it’s a very intimate experience. And where else can you drink wine before it’s even bottled? The tour ends with a snack of delicious pizzas and charcuterie, and some of the best olive oil I have ever tasted. ($60/person)


While Sterling Vineyards is decidedly more commercial than some of the stops we made, the views are absolutely incredible. We did the Silver tour, which included an additional tasting on a terrace closed off from the general public. You take an air tram up to the top of a hill, which overlooks the vineyards. The self-guided tour reminds me a little of the Guinness Storehouse tour in Dublin, if you’ve done that. You walk through the building to different tasting stations, which ends up on a rooftop terrace with awesome views. I recommend buying another glass of your favorite and a cheese platter and spending a little time just soaking up the gorgeous weather. Bonus: You get to keep your glass, which is Riedel (that was fun to try and get home). ($55)


If you find yourself in Yountville, rent a bike from Napa Valley Bike Tours and take the Napa Valley Vine Trail out to Trefethen Vineyards. It’s nestled at the back of several acres of vineyards, which makes for a gorgeous ride in. The tasting room is lovely as well! ($25)


Iron Horse Vineyards kind of falls in between a tasting room and a winery for me. It sits high on a hill, which makes for some amazing photos. They’ve got a bar outside that you stand at for tastings - they’re known for their bubbles in particular. If the weather is gorgeous, it’s definitely worth the drive. ($25)

To Drink: Tasting Rooms


A perfect wine country day is a vineyard in the morning, followed by an afternoon of tasting rooms. We rented a car, so we’d drive out to the wineries in the morning and then return to things in walking distance for the afternoon. Plus, they’re typically only $5 or $10 for 4-5 wines, so it’s a little more economical.

Hawley Winery in Healdsburg is a dark, cozy little tasting room just off the main square. We were the only ones in there, so the guy ended up letting us try one of everything. We got lucky - a woman came in fresh from a private tasting at the vineyards with a bottle of one of their reserve wines, so we got to try that too. I loved every wine so much, I ended up joining their wine club. (FREE with wine club!)

Our group is a huge fan of Ferrari Carrano’s Fume Blanc, so we made plans to stop into their tasting room when we were in Healdsburg. It’s just a bar inside of a boutique, but we ended up staying there nearly two hours! We discovered that the fewer people in a tasting room, the more stuff they let you try. We ended up shipping $400 worth of bottles home for the group. ($10)

To Eat

Archetype was just a short walk from our St. Helena BnB, so we chose that for our one “fancy” dinner out. It’s filled with cozy couches placed around large tables, with a patio area that has a fireplace. The food was absolutely delicious, too. I’d recommend making a reservation on Open Table.

When we were in St. Helena, we decided to make a patio reservation for Bravas, a cool little tapas bar. They make sangria with the oranges from their own trees, and the paella is to die for. There are heaters all over the patio - which is dog-friendly.


Since we were traveling with friends, we decided to split up for date night one night and go our separate ways. We drove down to Napa proper to check out Bounty Hunter, which my husband had seen on a YouTube video. They serve entire chickens on a beer can! It’s got a cool dive-bar kind of feel - there’s even a table where you can sit on a saddle instead of a stool.

To Do

We rented a car (convertible, highly recommend), so we decided to take it out to the coast one day. We stopped at Lucas Wharf for lunch, which is known for its seafood - they literally serve fish that they catch right outside of their door. I recommend grabbing a table by the windows, where you can see the seals swimming and playing in the water. We enjoyed watching them so much, the table was nearly silent most of the meal.


After lunch, we headed out to Goat Rock Beach to see the seal pups. There are plenty of picturesque spots along the drive to stop and get some amazing photos! We loved climbing down close to the water and seeing starfish all over the rocks - Erin took home some seaweed for a mask as well.

If you’re into nightlife, Ana’s Cantina in St. Helena was one of our favorite nights! It’s definitely a lot more locals than tourists, and karaoke night ended up being a blast. We shut down the dive bar - and Jeff made a lot of new friends with his sick dance skills.


Mud baths in Calistoga are a MUST. The Golden Haven spa was running a special, so we got a full 1.5 hour treatment for only $74 a piece! That includes the hot spring pool and spas outside, so arrive 30-45 minutes early to take advantage of that. You spend about 15-20 minutes in the mud, which is the weirdest sensation. It’s almost like you’re weightless. It’s also extremely hot, so I had a leg and an arm out at one point because I was sweating so much. After you shower off (and trust, that’s an event of its own), you spend another 15 minutes or so in a private hot spring tub. I drank almost an entire carafe of the cucumber water they gave us, I was so hot. When that’s done, you grab your robes and head to a dark, cold room to get wrapped in weighted blankets. I fell asleep. That’s about 30 minutes, and I would willingly have paid $50 for another hour in there.

Other little tips and tricks


We spent 4 days in Guerneville, 4 days in St. Helena, staying in AirBnbs in both. We bought groceries at Safeway for breakfasts and picnic lunches, which was really fun to start our day with eggs and bacon and coffee. Our first day in Healdsburg we took an elaborate charcuterie to the Oakville Grocery and bought a bottle of wine there to enjoy on their patio next to the fire. One day we took a picnic out to the park and shared a bottle we had bought at one of the wineries. Doing breakfasts and lunches like that saved us a little money, so we could splurge on dinners and bottles.


I do recommend renting a car. We got one from Turo in San Fransisco and drove it all the way out to Guerneville. Since our Bnb there was tucked away in the woods, it was almost impossible to get an Uber.

Some wineries require reservations, so check ahead of time before you drive out there. We definitely did them for Del Dotto, but found that typically Sonoma area was less picky about it than Napa was. We also found some of our favorite places by asking our bartenders what THEIR favorite wineries and restaurants were! If the locals like it, I’m definitely on board.

I’m already dreaming of planning another wine country trip for next year. What are some of your favorite recommendations?