Friday Favorites Remix :: The silver tweed blazer

Last week's remix choices were slim. Two colored jeans, two blazers, and some leggings. Of course, I chose the blazer because I need to wear it while it's still under 90 around here. I tried it with shorts - it didn't work. I don't know why. So I grabbed my trusty wide leg navy pants and went on with my day.

I totally got called out on getting dressed just to leave the house for a few minutes today. I was popping into the audio studio where I freelance to cut a quick audition and they said they imagined me wearing sweatpants all day. It's true - if I don't have to leave the house, I'm in sweats. But if I'm GOING to leave, I'm going to do it right. Even if I only drop by Target and go to Sonic Happy Hour. Plus, I totally needed a remix. Look! I'm twirling! Whee!

Here's how I wore this blazer last week! I don't know if it's going to look good with a skirt, but I'm digging the monochrome on top.

How did YOU re-wear this week? Link up below! Yay!!

AJ Wears :: Bright Jeans

I'm aware today is cinco de sixo and all, but we had a delightful little Cinco de Mayo Party at Sandra's house yesterday and I wanted to wear some bright pants to commemorate the "white people eat spicy food and drink limearitas" holiday. These jeans are actually super comfy and soft, but have a weird seam that wraps around the back of your leg. My friend Griff said it was "super cool" looking and I believe her. Especially since I love the bright citron color. It's like, yellow green.

I made this pinata for our party filled with Starburst, those little pill capsules that have animal shaped sponges in them, diamond shaped ice cubes, and little crystal light packets flavored like margaritas. But we didn't have anything to break it open so I just emptied everything out of it's butt and we sat around and threw the pills in water and waited for the sponge animals to grow. Adulthood!

Blazer, H&M (similar from Ruche).
Jeans, c/o JustFab.
Heels, Zara (almost identical!). 
Clutch, Target party section.

AJ Wears :: Stripes with Lace

This might be one of those outfits that looked better in my head, or at least better in person. I'm okay with that.

I wore this to book club. I'm in a book club. I'm not sure anyone even reads the books, we just get together and have a glass and eat fantastic food (Trio's this week...amazing!) but it's a fabulous little group of girls and I'm glad they took me in.

And I have no idea what my husband had said to me there to make me make that face, but you're welcome. Also, it shows off my spin pin bun which I was very proud of. I'm thinking I like the spin pins, although it's kind of lame I can only make buns with them.

Pants, H&M.
Striped Shirt, StyleMint.
Lace Shirt, Probably Forever.
Wedges & Bag, JustFab.