Trunk Club :: May Trunk Review

In my blogging absence, I've actually gotten quite a few trunks from Trunk Club. I had to break up with a stylist after she got a little repetitive (that girl LOVED a weird ruffle shirt), but my newest stylist Martina is knocking it out of the PARK lately. On Saturday, we leave for wine country, so I asked her to put together a bunch of cute things for wining and dining in Napa Valley. So without further ado, see what I got, enjoy the review, and feel free to sign up using my code here

Stripe Smocked Crop Top w/ Split Leg Walkthrough Pants
Band of Gypsies, $42/$78.


I mean, how cute is this set? I love all of the matching sets right now - great alternative to rompers or jumpsuits that DOESN'T make you get completely naked in the bathroom - and this one has a fun surprise!

File May 06, 4 53 45 PM.gif

SLITS! Yep, two slits right up the front of the pants for maximum flowy-ness. Coachella, here I come. Verdict: KEEP.

Jenna Asymmetrical Wrap Dress
Wayf, $85.


This is pretty in a "Sexy Easter" kind of way but I was not prepared for that kind of boobage. While the romantic side of me *could* picture myself basking in the sun in Sonoma wearing this dress, the practical side said I was one breeze away from oversharing. Verdict: Pass.

'Helena' Denim Jacket
KUT from the Kloth, $79


I have too many denim jackets as it is, so I didn't even open this one. Great idea though, I'm putting denim on my packing list. Verdict: Pass.

Polermo Wrap Maxi Dress
Wayf, $89


Again with these gorgeous prints and flowing fabrics! I honestly thought this was going to be a winner, but just a little too much boobage. Going up a size can fix that problem in most wrap dresses. Not worth it for this one for me, though, as I wasn't a fan of the ruffled neckline. If you love the prints of these Wayf dresses though, check out the rest of the line! They have a ton of different shapes. Verdict: Pass.

Ab-Solution Ankle Skimmer Jeans
Wit & Wisdom, $68


When I first put these on, I honestly had to check and make sure they weren't maternity pants, THAT'S how comfy they are. Here's the secret: A STRETCHY WAISTBAND.


Like hello, thank you. The outside looks like a normal pant, but the inside is full of goodness. As I get older, I have less tolerance for uncomfortable clothes. I have too much to do, too many places to go, and too many options to keep buying things that I will constantly pull at. I'm hoping this elastic will help keep them from stretching out like similar fabric pants tend to do. Also, thanks to the ankle length these are totally normal on me without alterations (5'2").

Final test? How it looked on my booty:


These babies passed with flying colors, people. My stylist said that she was obsessed with an olive pant for spring and summer this year, so who am I to judge? Now I'm looking up the Wit & Wisdon brand to see what other amazing goodness they've got. I've already seen they have these in white and pink too!! eeeeeeeeeek Verdict: KEEP.

Terrain Crop Cargo Pants
Sanctuary, $99


She also sent these olive pants but I can't get behind a cargo outside of 2002. What I do love is that she sent me two sizes of every single pant, so I could size up or down without having to get a replacement. Trunk Club truly is the best. Verdict: Pass.

Twist Front Dress
Trouvé, $69


My friend Maegan LIVED in Trouvé dresses last year when we were in France, so I was excited to try this little number. The fabric is really comfortable and while I don't see myself wearing it on this trip, I would love it for work. The detail on the waist is really pretty: 


I am getting a few work sheath-type dresses from Old Navy this week, and an olive t-shirt dress from them as well, so I'm undecided on whether I'll keep this one. I think the quality is going to be a little better overall and I really liked the fabric, so I'm definitely keeping this brand on my watchlist. Verdict: Solid Maybe.

Poplin Shirtdress
Halogen, $99.


This was a really interesting concept of a dress! Sort of like someone stitched a bunch of men's dress shirts together to make a funky dress. I like the detail on the side, too: 


I thought I'd be able to adjust the side ties to give it a little more of a waistline and customize the fit, but that's when things started to fall apart. If I tightened it too much, the dress would start to pull at the buttons and gap. I'd almost prefer they skipped the ruffle on the side and either A) had a drawstring waist, or B) left it alone so I could belt it. Cute concept but...Verdict: No. 

10 HR SKNY Crop Button Front Jeans
Madewell, $128


Okay, I love these jeans. Again, this is a bit of an overlap because I did *just* order some white jeans from Old Navy, but I was really surprised by the quality and fit. I'm planning on telling my stylist to continue sending me jeans from the brand, because they were comfy and nice and thick. I purposely wore red underwear underneath to test the opacity, and surprise! They did really well. I don't love the booty test as much in these as I did those olive pants, but I do love the high waist. Verdict: Reluctantly sent back. 

Whisper Cotton Strip Pocket Tank
Madewell, $22.50


Speaking of Madewell, the lone top she sent this time that you've seen with all the pants is from them. I love how light it is, but like, do I really need another striped tank? Do I? *slowly puts it in the closet* I mean, don't I already have something V E R Y S I M I L A R to this?? It's super cute and comfy though! Verdict: Honestly I don't know at this point, I have so many, I can't stop now

OVERALL VERDICT: Trunk Club continues to be one of my favorite services! I even got Mr. AJ to sign up for it! I would never have bought those olive pants, I would never have found that coral two piece set, and I had no idea that Madewell jeans were so comfy. The ability to take your time at home, with a mirror you trust, and try on multiple sizes (while only paying for what you keep!) is honestly a game-changer. If you'd like to sign up, please consider using my referral code to do so. 

Things I Own You Can Get On Cyber Monday

Oh no, not another hashtag Cyber Monday post, amirite? 

It's not. Don't worry. 

Instead of boring you with a slew of affiliate links to stuff Nordstrom sells for only $2 more the rest of the year, I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things that are on sale today that you may not see other places. I love recommending things. In fact, it might be the 6th love language - unsolicited advice. It's why I'm in so many Facebook groups, because there's always some clueless girl that needs my help!

Charleston Shoe Co: All Shoes $99

 Left: The Monterey. Right: Benjamin

Left: The Monterey. Right: Benjamin

My beloved Monterey Sandals from Charleston Shoe Company took me all over Paris and Nice this summer! They're made of super cushy soles, and the stretchy material makes them near blister-proof. The Monterey is always $100 though, so a buck off isn't exactly something to write home about. However! If the clunky, fashion-forward sandal deemed "cool" by the knuckleheads over at NYMag isn't your thing, they have a huge selection of other styles that are usually much more expensive - and rarely on sale. I recommend the Easton, Seabrook, or the Tybee!

And yes, they're total grandma shoes and yes, they're comfy as all get out so I don't care.

Puppies Make Me Happy: 30% OFF


I can't take credit for this one. My friend Kristie snapped herself at the gym wearing this shirt and I've been obsessed ever since. Not only are their tanks SUPER soft, there's something for everyone. I couldn't find any photos of me in one since I mostly just wear them to work out or lounge in, but I'm probably going to snag the "Pet All The Dogs" sweatshirt today. Use code VIRTUALPUPPIES.

Fur & Collar: 20% off $40


And speaking of puppies, Fur & Collar has expanded its wares beyond breed tees and into socks, totes, mugs and more! They're doing 20% off orders over $40 today with code CYBERMONDAY2017. The tees are super soft and make great gifts for dog lovers! 

Olaplex: Free Shipping

Okay, this deal is lame but I swear by Olaplex No. 3 Hair Protector for anyone who does chemical or heat damage to their hair. Code CYBERMONDAY. They almost never run sales so something is better than nothing.

Kylie Cosmetics: 30% Off


You know I love my Kylie Lip Kits! 30% off isn't the best sale she's done (I really love the BOGO ones tbh) but it's a good time to snag some for you or someone you love.

Betabrand: Up to 60% Off

Betabrand's sale is AMAZING if you've been wondering about them! I personally own the Red Eye hoodie and love it for travel. I'm planning on snagging some of the yoga dress pants! If you're unfamiliar, Betabrand is sort of a crowd-sourced clothing company, with heavy focus on comfortable travel and work clothes. It's a good chance to try something from the brand for a way, way lower price.

eBags: Up to 75% Off Doorbusters


I've been a huge eBags fan since I ordered their Packing Cubes a few years ago, and they're having a great sale today! I use the Professional Slim Jr Backpack for work - it's super slick looking and can hold my laptop, iPad, headphones,'s a great little bag for travel and work and on sale for only $62! I think I paid like $90. I recommend the classic packing cubes and the pack-it-flat toiletry kit for jet-setters.

Elizabeth & Clarke: 30-50% Off


You've probably seen a LOT of Elizabeth & Clarke in my "What I Wore" monthly posts, and it's because their stuff is AWESOME. It's perfect for the working woman who also occasionally spills stuff all over herself. Pieces from Their Archive section (past selections) are 50% off today - including the Unstainable collection! I recommend The Davis, The Charles, and The Arden - they're some of my favorites and most worn (pictured in that order above).

What Cyber Monday deals have you scooped up today?

Why I'm Bringing Back the Skort

Arkansas summers are hot. That's not a surprise, considering it's the south, but now that I walk a lot more I've noticed a disturbing trend - wearing skirts inevitably ends in chubrub®. Sure, I'd love to lose about 100 lbs so my thighs no longer touch and I don't have this problem anymore, but that's not gonna happen, so I had to find a better solution.

*clumsy woman fumbles with sauce jar* THERE'S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY! 

For some reason, I was randomly wandering around Belk a few weeks ago (BB likes their shirts and we were in the neighborhood) and I stumbled on the world's most perfect invention: The Skort. I remember them vaguely from my childhood in the 80's, the original "business in the front (skirt), party in the back (shorts!)." These were so much better, though. The shorts...were inside of the skirt.


I've worn spanx to keep my thighs at bay this summer, which leads to lots of sweating and being uncomfortable, so a lightbulb went off in my head when I saw these. They would be perfect for work, perfect for walking to work, and perfect for traveling. I bought them in black and white.


While the length might be a little too short for taller girls and more conservative workplaces, I typically can get away with higher hemlines thanks to my height. The material is a glorious, stretchy suiting material and they pull on - no zippers, buttons, nothing. SO. COMFY.





These particular skorts are from a brand called Kaari Blue, which appears to be a Belk exclusive (read: in house) brand. I wasn't able to find them on the website, so check your local store - they were only $15! Here's a similar skort I found at Belk. Belk seems to be the skorts capital of the world, and I'm just going to continue to lean into the fact that I am a 90 year old lady now.

Seriously though, embrace the skort with me. I took the white pair to France and it was amazing to be able to walk without rubbing, bike if I needed to without showing everything, bend over, sit in weird places, etc etc etc. Join me on the dark side.