Sometimes I Shop :: Gifts for Music Lovers

There's a Valentines' Day gift guide for almost every type of person on the internet right now, but since I've been listening to Justin Bieber non-stop on my One X, I thought I'd put together a little gift guide for the music lover in you and/or someone else. You'd think someone with three ipods wouldn't need to listen to music on her phone, but this phone has Beats Audio built in which has been giving some extra bump to my workouts lately.

1 Beats Headphones, $200 | 2 Jawbone Jambox, $200 | 3 Rolling Stones Sweatshirt, $60 | 4 Kate Spade Tech Earmuffs, $53 | 5 Spotify Gift Card, $60

Both the Beats headphones and the Jambox will help maximize the Beats audio in the HTC One - I have the Jambox and absolutely l-u-v it. It's perfect for poolside during the summer, because it packs enough punch that you can actually rock out (unlike a lot of portable speakers) but is still small enough to toss in a beach bag pocket. And since it connects via bluetooth, anyone can share their playlists on it. I also am a little obsessed with those Kate Spade earmuffs up there - if I had been fashion week bound, I'm pretty sure I would have purchased them for a little cold-weather tuneage. 

And because I'm bragging on my Beats phone, and I know you're dying to know who won the giveaway from last was Andrea R! Congrats! I'd be super jealous if I didn't already have one myself.

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Can You Blog With a Phone? (Giveaway closed)

SUPER excited to bring you guys an awesome giveaway today - When HTC asked me to try out the One X+ for blogging, I was geeked. A - Free Stuff (love it). 2: Tech + Fashion? Yes Please! and on top of that, I get to give one away to you guys. But not after we dive into whether or not you can actually blog with it.

All of today's outfit photos were taken with the One X+. I'm constantly working to improve my photos and love my DSLR, but I don't always have it with me (or the time to snap outfit photos). So the idea that a mobile phone could be a substitute for my beloved Nikon definitely piqued my interest.

The HTC One X+ boasts a 8mp camera with a 28mm, 2.0f lens - and comes with 64 GIGS of space! Plenty of room for hoarding photos of your shoes. It lets you simultaneously shoot video and snap photos, which is perfect for taking pictures of my dog. The camera is easy to work, and images come out quite crisp when you take them, almost as if there's an applied sharpness to the camera app. There's a setting that lets you take photos just by tapping the screen though, which I love. The flash is a little power house too. They were large enough that I could crop them and still size them down for this blog (so I didn't lose quality). And I looooooove this - I could share them immediately from my camera roll to dropbox so I could grab them on my laptop and open in photoshop in like, 2 seconds.

Not bad, right? And I was toting an iPhone 4S before this, so this thing is fast, too. LTE is a little ridiculous - as in, faster than my home wifi sometimes. I'll post a review later on more phone specs and talk about the transition from iOS to Android, but I have to say I've been pretty impressed with this little guy.

Other cool features on it I thought were great for fashion blogging - the front camera actually takes pretty great photos and does a countdown when you hit the shutter so you can position yourself properly. Perfect for those outfit selfies. And it still has all of my favorite fashion apps - including Pose (yay!). so want one now, don't you? Good. This thing is like $600 without a contract and I'm pretty sure you're going to love it, so I'm giving one away which let's face it, is kind of cool for all of us. Just enter via Rafflecopter at the bottom here and I'll choose a winner on Friday, Feb 1st! You can enter daily if you like spamming your friends on Twitter, but you don't have to do everything to win. Just pick and choose your favorites. Please note - this is an AT&T Phone (but still has great wifi). Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Jet setting :: A Geek Chic Carry-on

I've been looking for the perfect tech bag for a long time. I wanted something where function got more thought than form, but that looked chic. As a self-professed gadget geek, I have a lot of technology baggage! And let's face it, a bag can either make or break your outfit, so I had to have something that would look great on my arm. I finally found a bag today at the Apple store that meets all of my needs.

 How cute is this bag by HEX? It was only $100, and has plenty of room for all of my gadgets. I love that there is a specific pocket for my MacBook (15"), an inner pocket for my iPad, and then there's still room inside for everything else I carry (including an SLR!). It has a flat bottom that's slightly wider than just a laptop bag so there's a lot of extra space. And it has three outside pockets for storing things you need to get to quickly (perfect for holding my One X+).

 Here's a peek at how things fit inside.

And here's everything I'll be carrying on my trip to Austin tomorrow: 15" inch MBP, 3rd gen iPad, Kindle, cords, Nikon D3100 and charger, camera remote, La Cie 500 gig rugged hard drive, Joby Gorilla Pod, two magazines, my wallet, ear buds, microfiber screen towel, sunglasses, and a pen. I later added a few more bits and baubles and I'm really impressed that it all fit in such a cute, compact bag.

And since I like sharing the love, here are a couple of other geek-chic tech bags I've come across if you're looking for one yourself (or keep carrying a backpack. Whatever).

1 LeSportsac, $64 | 2 Mobile Edge, $100 | 3 Jill-E, $310 | 4 HEX, $100 | 5 Acme, $110

This post was inspired by the folks over at HTC who asked me to show them my "geek winter style". They sent me an HTC One X+ to geek out with and I have to admit, I'm really loving it! While I'm traveling this week, I'll post lots of goodies from the phone to Instagram and Twitter (the camera's pretty great - I took the 2nd and 3rd photo in this post with it in super low light!). And go ahead and pick up a new tech bag for yourself, because I'm going to give away a One X to someone who reads this blog too in the next few weeks - stay tuned.

I actually am planning on doing a full review of the phone and what fashionistas and fabulous bloggers like yourself can use it for, but until I get to that, here's a pretty picture of it so you can drool a little and get excited for the chance to win your own in the future. What a tease.

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