Friday Favorites Remix :: A thrifted purple skirt

Hurrah! Another Friday, another remix. Since last week's "How to wear clothes that are too small for you" tutorial was such a success (and y'all loved this skirt so much) I decided to show another way I wear skirts that don't actually fit me.

Tying up a shirt over your tiny skirt is another way to trick people into thinking you're wearing your clothes properly. I love these types of shirts that have ties already - I've bought a few from Forever for cheap and they're great for layering over dresses and skirts for something a little different. I knew I wanted to use one of these tied crops today, so I started with this orange one and some nude sandals. It was a WHOLE LOTTA COLOR. Man, I was just a walking blob. So I opted to swap that for this fun printed top and slingbacks for a more vintage feel.

The print on this shirt is too adorable. I love the black piping, too. It's like 50s rockabilly meets cowgirl meets tween because I totally got it at Forever 21. I love it because it actually ties lower on the waist instead of a crop, so you can wear it with normal pants instead of just high-waisted things if you've an aversion to showing people your belly button.

And here's how I wore this skirt last week!

How did you guys re-wear and re-style this week? Link up below!

AJ Wears :: Heart Print Dress

I picked up this dress at Forever a few weeks ago on super clearance - $5! It hasn't been warm enough to wear it yet and I didn't want to wear it with tights, so it's just been hanging in my bedroom waiting for warmer weather. 

Welp, it STILL isn't warm enough to wear it. In fact, it was so cold I probably should have been bundled in about 50 layers, but I needed something I could throw on in four minutes and look great. The good news is, I was wearing some panty hose from a photoshoot earlier in the day and I felt confident that I'd be warm enough with those. I'm thinking we should bring them back. They make your legs look great and keep you warm, even if they make you feel about 90 years old.

This outfit took me to dinner and Cirque de Soliel's Quidam. And if you're wondering why my make up looks so ridiculously awesome, that's left over from today's photoshoot too! I did a 40's inspired photoshoot for Arkansas Life today and I'm really looking forward to showing you guys the pics whenever the magazine comes out. I got to do some shots with Sandra from LR Big Style too...most of which involved some form of the robot. We're pretty big dorks. Anyway, the make up artist was fantastic and I never want to wash my face again. We're all cool with that, right?

Dress, Forever 21.
Blazer, Target.
Shoes, ShoeDazzle.
Earrings, Kristin Todd.
Bag, Vintage.
Coat, Forever 21.

What I Wore :: Switching Seasons

Thanksgiving is over - in my head, the Christmas switch has been flipped. Last night I spent all night decorating the tree, pulling out everything I own that's red or green, and listening to Christmas Pandora until I'd heard Santa Baby at least 8 times. There are only so many times you can listen to Santa Baby, regardless of who is singing it.

Aw, look, we have a little porch tree. It lights up and everything. I've also set up two trees of reasonable size in the house, two on the mantel, and I'm thinking I might just keep buying and setting up trees until BB notices, complains, or it's time to take them all down again. You can never have too many trees.

Which brings me to today's outfit. I'm bordering being lost in the woods here, but I love a puffy vest with a furry hood. It's so Canada chic. I scored this one on Black Friday's hangover sale (you know, Saturday) at Banana and instantly fell in love. So soft inside. So warm. SO MUCH FLUFF. The hood comes off, but why would you want it to? Today's look is inspired by my dear friend Elizabeth - I'm matching my vest to my lipstick all because of her.

I'm thinking I may wear it every day. Red for Christmas cheer, warm fuzzy inside for keeping my torso toasty because apparently my arms defy nature and never need warming, and a fur hood for covering my hair from any snow that I may run into (har har). I'm well aware a vest is mostly a fashion statement as they make no sense in a blizzard. But man, wouldn't we all look cute.

Vest, Banana Republic (Super similar for only $25!)
Top, The sleepwear section at Target because why not? It has bears and mooses on it.
Boots, JustFab.