AJ Wears :: Green pleats

Happy St Pats, everyone! I got into the green spirit a little early and wore this swingy green skirt to a ladies' night out, but I thought it would be perfect for a quick holiday post.

March has brought warmer (patio??) weather so I'm starting to bare my legs and toes a little more. I love the long hem of this pleated skirt and I balanced it's girly-ness with a leather jacket and some leopard wedges. Oh, and I didn't forget the pot of gold 'round my neck, either. I hope you all have a safe and fun Saint Patrick's...don't forget to wear green!

Skirt, Forever 21. (similar)
Jacket, Forever 21.
Tank, The Limited.
Necklace, eBay.
Bag, Botkier for Target.
Shoes, JustFab.

AJ Wears :: A Coat

 Okay, whoa. Who left the freezer door open? We were treated to a 30 degree drop in temps overnight which means layering up today. I must be an idiot though, because as warm as tights may be, they are no substitute for pants against windchill. I did try putting on a warm hat, for the record. It looked ridiculous.

So I'm standing on the street downtown trying to snap some photos and the wind is all like, "YO BRRR I'M SO COLD" and I'm starting to lose feeling in my fingers and I'm thinking, you know, maybe I won't take any pictures without this coat on so I can live! And then this woman walks by and is like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" And I'm like, I'm taking pictures of my outfit and she's like "........" and then I realized how ridiculous this whole scenario was so I got in my car and drove home.

Where...I put on some pants. Lesson learned.

Top and Sweater, The Limited.
Skirt, Forever 21.
Boots, JustFab.
Purse, ShoeDazzle.

What I Wore :: Sparkles and Sheers

I have a bad habit of buying complete new outfits. Often I'll find one piece and then continue hunting until I've created exactly what I see in my mind. Or, I'll just go to the mall and put together a complete look for an occasion. Or a Thursday. Whatever.

I went to the mall yesterday to pick up a little lunch and found myself wandering around Forever 21 aimlessly, looking for a specific sweater (I never found it and ended up ordering online). When I found this sheer top and pleated skirt, it just felt like they were supposed to BE together, you know? And since I'm busy moving, I have nothing to wear. Wouldn't want to unpack stuff just for that, you know? Welcome to my justification process. I also thought, Wouldn't this look lovely with my new studded pumps from ShoeDazzle?

So that's how this outfit was born. Out of the justification that I shouldn't unpack things just to wear because I'm moving. Also, how maj is this blouse? I love the sequin collar and I can already see myself wearing it under sweaters, un-tucked with skinny jeans and booties, maybe with a festive skirt and tights...! It's a fun twist on the classic. Go get you some.

In love with these studded beauties. So glad I ordered them in black, too! The contrast is just too good. Add in a perfect heel height and a little gold shimmer, I may wear these babies to bed tonight. MUAH. I love you, shoes.

Blouse, Skirt, Forever 21. Shoes, Erin by ShoeDazzle.