Working with what you've got :: remixing a blazer

What's up, friends? Hi to anyone who might have stumbled on this blog thanks to my friends at THV This Morning! One of my favorite things to do with this blog is getting creative with what I own and dreaming up new ways to wear it. After doing a remix challenge called 30 for 30, I learned so much more about my closet and what I should be shopping for - and I constantly want to share little tips and tricks and ideas with you guys.

So here's what we talked about today - remixing a piece that most women should have in their closet. I love a classic blazer that goes with everything from dresses to leggings, but it can get repetitive if you wear it the same way every day. Whether you choose to rock it to brunch with jeans, or over a skirt for work, you can add a few fun touches to give your blazer new life.

Accessories are clearly the easiest way to change it up - a statement necklace adds some visual interest and can dress up any outfit. A scarf has an easy vibe to it and is a great way to add color or pattern. A brooch or flower pin can make an old blazer look fresh. And my hard, fast rule to any jacket that looks a little frumpy is "put a belt on it!" A jacket that has a bit of a defined waist can look completely different with a colorful or studded belt (I love the obi wrap belt from The Limited!).

Some of my favorite places to look for affordable jackets are The Limited (especially the sale section!), Target, Gap, and Forever 21 - their new Essentials line and any of the Love 21 pieces fit more like misses than juniors. I can also occasionally find a deal at Goodwill. It's easy to look there since blazers are all hung together.

If you're interested to see other ways I remix different pieces, check out my links to 30x30, Take One, and Friday Favorites.

How to Wear :: Printed Leggings Three Ways for Fall

Printed leggings started creeping into stores and styling earlier this year - everything from floral to tribal to animal print. Since leggings are the comfiest of cozy wear, I wanted to show you guys how to rock the sassy printed sister to black leggings this fall.

No matter what print or pattern you pick, I think there's a pretty basic formula for wearing leggings in general. Choose something that fits a little looser to counter the tightness on bottom, don't be afraid to play with layers to make your look more put together, and make sure whatever you're wearing on top and your feet doesn't completely cancel out the comfort factor of wearing leggings. Let's face it - that's what we're interested in the first place, right?

For my first look, I wanted it to be a little more daring. Layer a long sleeve tee or turtle neck with a wrap sweater vest for a chic start - finish it with a great statement necklace and some girly boots for a night out on the town. I loved the bright colors of these floral leggings, so I thought a chunkier knit and dark base would make it more appropes for fall.

For a more subtle approach to the printed legging trend, try a pair that's monochromatic. I found these houndstooth leggings at XXI - the print is just a texture difference of a faux leather with a normal legging material. At first glance, they look like normal leggings, but the little details like the leather print and zippers at the ankles make them far more interesting. I chose a flowy sheer top and leather jacket to make a look perfect for date night - adding a bright bag and bootie brings in a little fun flair.

Now here's where we get reeeeeally comfortable. Rather than pull on the boring old sweater and jeans on a chilly day, grab some fun fair isle print leggings to go with that oversized knit! This is truly as comfortable as wearing pajamas all day (but far cuter). I love these casual boots to complete the look. If you're worried about showing too much on the front or back end, add a tunic length button up or camisole to cover your assets. Oh! Bonus tip - if you feel like the print of the legging is overwhelming you, choose a taller boot to break it up.

So there you have it - three leggings, three ways. Mix and match as you please. I actually had quite a lot of fun styling these outfits - I'm definitely wearing #2 out for dinner some time! And once I put on #3, I didn't take it back off, it's that cozy. The rule of thumb is have fun, and don't be afraid to change a few times to get it right. I like to keep my tops a bit more basic and neutral if I have a crazy pattern on my legs, but pulling some colors from the leggings for accessories is a great way to keep things from getting boring. 

This segment, How to wear :: three ways is a new thing I just decided to start doing - one of many special styling features I'll be rolling out over the next few weeks. I want to keep things fun and spontaneous, so I won't be holding down a blogger calendar, but do plan to feature one special styling post each week. Feel free to leave feed back as to whether or not this is even something you're into. Because let's face it...we're in this together, right?

Look 1: Leggings, XXI. Vest, The Limited. Boots, ShoeDazzle. Necklace, BaubleBar.
Look 2: Leggings, jacket, blouse, XXI.  Boots, ShoeDazzle. Bag, The Limited.
Look 3: Leggings, XXI. Sweater, Chico's. Boots, JustFab. Necklace, BaubleBar.

How to Wear :: Your Michael Kors Watch

I've only just recently gotten into wearing watches. Before, they felt too functional. Maybe because I only wore them when I worked in retail and restaurants, since I couldn't carry a phone. But lately, I've found myself buying watches like bracelets and putting the FUN back in functional.

So naturally I was all like, cool, when the folks over at Michael Kors asked me to style their new limited edition Paris watch. Because let's face it, I'm like, cool, when someone asks me to do anything special! I'm an opportunist, what can I say? Stick with me, there's something in it for you too.

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Michael Kors.

GORGE, right? I'm having a major rose gold moment. So I decided since I couldn't show you the watch myself (whine sad boo hiss send me a watch already) I would style it two ways - what I'd wear it with, and how I'd put this piece into a serious arm party.

I love stacking bracelets with watches, so if you want to go monochromatic, try any of these great bracelets from BaubleBar. (Pyramid Bangle, Beige Lock Wrap, Trio Wrap). Add a pop of color or keep it simple, but stacking thin bracelets or fun wraps with a chunky watch is an awesome fashion statement.

How would I style it? I love rose gold with bright colors, so I paired it with some JustFab signature skinnies in a fall hue, this Limited blouse I fell in love with today at the mall, and this slick cropped leather jacket from Express. Finish it off with some JustFab lace up booties and a BaubleBar rose skull bangle and you're ready to hit the town.

Okay - so here's the cool part - if you love YOUR Michael Kors watch, show them how you wear it! Share your photo on Instagram or Twitter with the tag #MKTimeless for a chance to win the Paris Limited Edition Runway Watch. Girlfriends, please.

In the interest of full disclosure: I was not compensated for this post but I was promised a cool pair of sunglasses.